Alamgir Hossain Raj : popular musician and artist from Bangladesh.

Alamgir Hossain Raj becomes a singer on the 5th of August, 2021. He was born 1 February 2002 in Dharmapasha, Sunamganj, Bangladesh. He writer and records his first music for that day, which is called "Depression." You will listen to this track on Spotify, iTunes, Tik Tok, and several other places on the platform. People infatuated with the single, and as a result, so did their jobs. His first single serves as a calling card for his music, as he goes on to become possibly the best singer in Bangladesh. Lyrics and music are engaging and pleasing to the ear, and so many people connect with the words and melody, which is why this is successful. In order to capture the attention of a broad audience, he does something like "Midnight Dream," "My Painting," "Hip-Hop," and others like that. In the past few months, he's gotten YouTube's Verified Artist recognition. He becomes well-known in Bangladesh and around the world for his creative songs. People's hearts have been captured by his appealing and innovative songs, as well as his blessings. People praise his company's offerings as well as his music because they are both satisfying and enjoyable.